Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on Twins

Ok, it has been a couple days again....

More good news! Faith's head scan came back with more improvement / stability. The measurement of her ventricles further reduced from 3.0 cm to 2.7 cm. and the blood clot seems to have reduced a little in size again. The comments from the scan was an overall mild ventricular reduction and the word stable was used. The doctors are now going to do the lumbar punctures every other day now, so Faith had a day off yesterday. :-) We still won't know about reservoir / shunt stuff for weeks to months, but progress is occurring. Keep praying. Both girls are gaining weight and Faith is now above her birth weight too. Faith is ~3 lb 7 oz now and Hope is ~2 lb 14.5 oz (not quite 3 lb yet, but she'll catch up). There isn't a lot more to report, except we are getting rather tired (the adrenaline must be wearing off). Steph got to give the girls a bath again last night. I am going to try to work more of a full day today (I'll only get one visit today... :-(). Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers; keep them up they are working.

Prayer requests (still pretty much the same):

1) Continue to pray for Faith's hydrocephalus (enlarged ventricles) and the successful treatment of it.

2) Pray that both of the girls continue to do well with their feedings and that they will do well when they start learning to take food orally (probably ~1-2 wks out yet)

3) Getting a head start on praying about the girls not having retinopothy of prematurity (blood vessels not developing correctly in / around the retinas).
4) Continue to pray for the doctors and nurses caring for Faith and Hope.
5) Continue to pray for Steph and my health, strength, faith, courage, etc.

6) Continue to lift up our older children
7) Pray for the long term development, etc for Faith and Hope.
8) Whatever else God lays on your hearts...

Jason, et. al.

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Greeneyes said...

God Bless them and keep them safe and from all harm, help their loved ones cope and be strong and have enough of what they need to get through this and may they be blessed with many brighter days ahead .

"YOU" , Hope your still doing your happy dance ,and feeling wonderful :-)