Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A new Chemo!

I finally have a little time to sit down and post an update. I am so grateful for all of your support, prayers and comments. I walked into my appointment last Friday to see my Oncologist and I had a peace about the whole situation. Our God is Awesome and in control off everything that is happening to me.

Because of the reaction I was having to the Chemo a few weeks back. They would let me continue with my Chemo until I meet with my Oncologist.

This is what has been taking place. Since I started Taxol, my hands and face having been retaining water. I wrote how I was walking in the morning with a sweatshirt and a winter coat on to try and get rid of some of the water I was retaining. At first, this work. I have also been getting little blisters on my hands. My left hand was much worse than the right. When these blisters popped they would itch real bad and leave scabs that would turn into dry patching all over my hands. Really, this was nothing that I couldn't have handled until my chemo was done. This did get worse the more taxol treatments I had.

After my fifth Taxol treatment I blew up like a balloon. My hands and face hurt pretty badly from the water I was retaining.

To make a long story short, on Friday my Oncologist give me three choices.

1. I could take two weeks off from Chemo and see if my hands cleared up, then try the Taxol again.

2. I could change Chemos.

3. She said she didn't really think I wanted to stop treatments altogether but I could if that is what I wanted.

I chose switching Chemos. I am now on A...(I'll have to find my paper work from Friday so I can find the name of the Chemo).

I'm not sure of all the side effects. I'm personally not having any side effects that I can recall at this time. The good thing is that I no longer have to take any pre-meds. No more steroids, benadryl, or nausea medication. That means I no longer have to take both of my routes off on Friday's. I can drive myself to my treatments. I just hated bothering people for a ride. I know everyone of my driver's were more than willing to drive me but I feel alot better about all of this now. If any of my driver's wants to still come with me, I would love to sit and talk with any one of you.

I again want to thank all of you for everything. I'll update this blog when I have time. Life is busy right now but I really am doing great. I have a little cold but I'm getting over.

My hair is growing more and more every week. YEA!!!! It is blood right now but who knows, it could change colors while it grows in. That would be so funny! I have never died my hair before. Could you imagine if my hair comes in blond? I've been a brunette my whole life. I'll keep you all posted and maybe even post a picture from time to time. : )

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Anonymous said...

You are gonna smile about this. Sandi and I were talking and we both said "She can do this on her own?"
Then we both said "we could still take her."
You are Loved and if you need us we are here for you!
I Love YOU!
(so thankful you are doing much better)I am Praying for the twins)