Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It has been months now since my last treatment. I'm doing great! Lots of changes in my life. The company I have worked for for the last 21 years is closing down. It has been a part-time job for my husband and I since that time. I quit my accounts payable job 15 years ago this month, to stay home and raise my children. The route is something that I could do and still home school my children. My three youngest children have never know anything different than mom doing the paper route and cleaning the church. I praise God that at least my children are now at the age where they don't need me here as much and I was able to get through all of my Cancer treatments without having to worry.

Monday starts a new chapter in my life. I start a full-time job at the U. I'm excited and a bit afraid. I know that God has had His hand in all of this. Even the timing of all this is great!

As for my Cancer!! I'm cancer free at this time! PTL!!