Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Please pray for a Miracle!

I really am doing pretty good on the Taxol and have no new information to share right now so please pray with me for this family. My heart is breaking for Jason and Stephanie. Words can not descibe how badly I feel for them. As a parent and a mother that lost a baby to SIDS when Joshua was three months old.Living for the simple things in life: Joshua's Story: "Links" I know how helpless they must feel. They are looking for a reason why, or blaming themselves. We live in a fallen world were things happen that we can't understand but one thing we know, God is our Master and Savior. He is and always will be GOOD, FAITHFUL, and in control of everything that happens.

A few days ago I posted a post about a dear sister in the Lord and her family situaton. She had twin girls last week. They really need our prayers. This is an update on how the girls are doing.


We just got bad news. Faith has a grade 3 bleed or accumulation of fluid inboth ventricles of her brain. She also has evidence of damage on theoutside of both the right and left side of her brain. While this does not absolutely mean that she will not recover from it, it does mean that she is much more likely to have long term problems. Both physically and/ormentally. We are praying for a miracle; we pray that God will choose togive her full recovery from this. We have total faith in God for our little Faith. She is getting an EEG right now; I don't know if that will bring more bad news or what will come of it. They said that Hope is doing well, but may have a tiny bit of evidence ofsomething on the outside of her brain too. Not nearyly to the severity thatFaith has, and it may go away. We don't know what to do or say right now other than pray. Our hearts are so heavy and crushed to hear this after seeing such good progress. We immediately prayed and our spirits continually pray.

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