Monday, September 8, 2008

5th Chemo Treatment/ update on the Twins

My fifth Chemo treatment went well. I have to admit, I slept most of the treatment away. I feel pretty good this morning.

Side effects seem to be pretty much the same each week now.

On Friday's they pump you up with steriods and then give you the Benadryl so your body pretty much is trying to figure out if you should be up or down. By Friday evening I was pretty wired up so I thought it would be a good evening to change my front brakes on my truck. In between taking Bo to be a ball boy for the JV and Varsity soocer teams, I ran home and took care of business. The steriods make me so hyper!

By Sunday morning my joints alway seem to hurt; mainly in my hips. This always seems to go away in a few days.

This morning I have the tingling in my fingers and toes. Nothing major just some tingling. This also seems to pass in a few days as well.

My feet seems o.k. this week. I've been wearing socks more to keep the moisture in.

The only other side effect that I am having is little blisters are forming on the tops of my hands and oh boy, do they itch. They said, it was just the chemo fighting its way out.

Again, thanks for praying for me and for Faith and Hope. It sounds like they are doing better.


Anonymous said...

You are doing good, brakes on truck a few weeks ago you told me you could not do that! I am amazed. You are just so precious and I am so Thankful you are so much better.
Sorry about the itching that is one of those things you do not like and how I do remember! (smile)
I can't itching either!
I Love You and on the serious note I truly am sorry you are suffering with the itching.
Have you tried anything to help with that?

Lori said...

Hello Mother,

Now that I know what it is, I just don't itch. I'd like to, don't get me wrong. Mind over matter! : )

Love Ya,


Anonymous said...

HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSS , I will keep you all in my prayers, Thinking about you and wishing you well .