Friday, September 19, 2008

Taxol Chemo treatment # 6

As I do each week, I thank my driver. Without this person I wouldn't be able to get my treatments. I have written before that the benadryl they have to give me affects me really badly. I just can't seem to stay awake. I am then to tried to drive home; I would be a danger to others if I tried.

Once again, I want to thank my dear friend Maria M. She took the day off of work so she could pick me up and take me "but" that is not all she did. My husband had to go on one of my motor routes with me today so he could drive. It take a good half a day to get that drug out of my system. My one sub is in Florida packing her mom up to move her to MI. When I returned home from the route, there was a bag of medications on the table for my poor hands and toe. That is a long story I'll share on Monday. I want to thank Maria and my husband Jim for caring for me today. Your love and kindness will never be forgotten.

I have to make some big decisions this week concerning my Chemo. I am having an allergic reaction to the Taxol, it has been getting worse since my first taxol treatment. I'll share all about it after I have time to pray and think about it over the weekend.

I would ask you all to pray that I make the right decision next Friday.

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Red said...

Lori, It is a huge blessing to be able to love and serve you, dear sister and friend. I pray God allows me more times to help you and your wonderful family.