Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeling Good

Everything is going really well this week. I have really been trying to lotion my feet several times a day. I think, I have finally figure out when my feet are at their worst. It is the third day after Chemo. I'm going to start soaking them a bit sooner this week and see if that seems to help.

Really, if that is all I am facing. This isn't going to be so bad.

Tomorrow is my 5th Chemo!! It is just flying by.

As you can all tell, my spirits are up this week.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you! Yikes everything must hurt if your feet hurt.
Hey remember your hips hurt long before you went through any of this.
I can remember you saying I have to sit down my hips hurt.
I think that is called over work!(smile).

I Love you! Love MOM

Lori said...


You are funny!

How is everything going? Did you start school with the girls?



Greeneyes said...

I wish for you to feel like you are walking on pillows((((HUGS))))our bodies do some strange things when trying to heal itself doesnt it ?!?!,
I think about you often and keep you in my prayers , sending cyber slippers made of clouds !!!!HUGS


Lori said...


You are so wonderful. Thank you for thinking of me.

Hugs to you,


Anonymous said...

Yes we started school on Tuesday. I chuckled when you said you were sad about the boys going back to school, I too feel that same feeling and the girls are here. Yet the personality change is so like they are actually in school, I think you remember when you did the homeschooling. Mom is no longer Mom but teacher and is that the truth. I sure feel sorry for teachers.
I am so Thankful you are doing good, my friend e-mailed me yesterday so she can Pray for you the day of your treatments and I told her about your feet. Prayerfully God will show you how to keep them from hurting so much!
Call me if you get a chance, I will call you back!
Love MaMa

Greg C said...

Keep those spirits up. I know you will make it through this with flying colors. Sorry I didn't know about this blog. My link took me right to your other blog.