Friday, September 19, 2008

My work hair has become a part of Me!

As you all know from my main blog. Boaz tries to be included in all the pictures. I thought I'd take a minute and post my work wig. I got this wig free from the Cancer program they have at the Chelsea Hospital. It is a great program that I really need to take a little time and post all the information. I'll do that next week! Anyway, back to the wig.
I have a hard time changing to my Sunday wig for church because I wear this one so much. Last week, I just wore this one to church.

I just had to post this one because I really don't think Boaz can just take a normal picture.


Anonymous said...

You just look so good! What a Blessing to see your picture and Bo too!
What is going on with the Chemo and what decision do you have to make. I will be Praying!!!!

I Love you!


Lori said...

Hey Mom,

Do I stop the chemo altogether right now or switch to a different Chemo. I guess what happens after your hands start breaking out is you start having lung problems. I have to call my Oncologist tomorrow and sit up and appointment with her to discuss my options.