Friday, August 8, 2008

One way or the other, I'm in the Master's Hands

I didn't sleep well last night. I get myself so worked up. By tonight my first Taxol treatment will be over and I can put this ill feeling behind me.

I guess just not knowing if I'm going to have a reaction to this new treatment gets me worked up. I had my bad days with the last Chemo but God helped me get through even the hardest of days. I know that I'm in His hands one way or the other.

The Master's Hands

In His garden I come to pray
Amongst the cathedral of trees.
I see the beauty of His masterpiece
As I fall on bended knees.

He sends the songs of birds
To break the gentle silence here.
With His hands He rustles the leaves
As I gaze upon His wonders near.

I feel His presence in all these things
Though only for a season it will last.
But the peaceful solace of communion
Shall be eternal and never pass.

We are but a grain of sand
In God's eternal time,
Yet His masterpiece comforts me
Til the path to Heaven I climb.

Susan Anne Cochran
© 2003

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