Friday, August 8, 2008

First Taxol Treatment

It has been a few hours since I received my first Taxol Treatment. Besides being very loopy and tired from the medication they gave me, I'm doing really good. NO complications to the Chemo!

Thank you all for praying! God answered our prayers.

Thank you Mom for taking me. It was a bit of a long morning but as always it was pretty fun. Lori on drugs! I'm sure it was a pretty funny sight. I'll have to let my mom write about that one.

My Oncologist told me she thought I was doing really good. I have been praying that God would show me how I can be used through all of this. My Oncologist asked me today at my appointment if I would be willing to head up a support group for Cancer patients. This is all so unreal! I have been asking God and talking about something like this with Maria and Jessica. I haven't really done anything about it yet and here God has placed it right into my lap. My Oncologist said someone will be contacting me soon so I can get started.

The reason I opened up this blog is so I can help others going through this same thing. I am so glad that I started writing down everything so I can help someone else. I have been so upfront on this blog because I feel that is the only way that people can pray for me and secondly so I can help someone else. Even though sometimes I think my feeling are foolish, they are still my feeling. God knows, I am only human with real feeling and emotions. I hurt and cry and sometimes I just don't understand all of this. Slowly God is revealing things to me.

I give God all the Praise and all the Glory!


Anonymous said...

Mom's experience today with my precious daughter. It hurts to see you going through so much. So many times I too ask why, other times I feel you are called to do God's will and He will show you why!
My journey with you today daughter was emotional, seeing my baby, going through so much, yet as I sit there and Pray I see a Miracle being performed before my eyes, no reaction, just your high from the meds and honestly that was good because God allowed us to laugh. I am sure He knew it helped to get you through this. Then I saw you sleep, resting after such a tremendous pressure in your heart was lifted. I know our God is carrying you, leading you and He is going to Bless You. I truly am Thankful you are my gift from God a wonderful Godly daughter.
God Bless You and yes we did have a lot of fun together. Oh there was no drooling either! (smile)

Love MaMa

Maria (Red) said...

Lori, Your post made me cry for thankfulness that God is so good! Answered prayer is just another way that God blesses us. Praise the Lord that they asked you to head up a support group, you can continue to be a tremendous blessing, encouragement and witness to so many others going through the same thing. You will be so good at it:) God is so very good, praise Him!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could fix it all for you and make it go away , I shall keep you in my prayers and I have to tell you , your doing awesome from this angle.
Your faith is keeping you strong and your sense of humour is so wonderful,it all helps.
You must be an awesome woman , you have so many people loving and caring for you and you going through this you still worry aout others!
I know the fear of the unknown is a strong presence but I believe your in good hands and I do not mean just the medical profession .
I am sending you cyber HUGS , and wishes for lots of giggles on this journey, one day it will all be a memory and each time your Hubby rubs your "Shoulders" you will say rememeber when!!!!!!!!!
God Bless you


Lori said...

Mom, Maria and greeneyes,

I just loved all of your comments. Thank you for praying for me and being so supportive.

Love Ya all,


SJ said...

Oh, Lori, that's wonderful! I know you'll be great at it.

II Cor. 1:3-5