Tuesday, August 12, 2008

4 days After

I was tired this weekend but nothing that I couldn't handle. I slept for 6 hours Friday afternoon after my Mom dropped me off from my first Taxol chemo treatment. I was able to work Saturday and Sunday at both of my jobs and do Worship team on Sunday morning. What an Awesome day of worship we had both music and preaching. Pastor Brian did a great job bringing us God's Word. Matthew 5 Forgive, seventy times seven.

This Chemo is nothing like the AC. I was able to eat on Saturday without much trouble at all. Besides being tired but not tired to the point were I couldn't keep functioning. Things went fine this weekend. I did sleep alot on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

I was up bright and early this morning to get ready for my husband's Birthday party tonight and to walk with my friend's Maria and Joe. We had a great walk! I really feel good this morning. I really do, really, really, really!

Now I'm Walking On Sunshine Amen!
I'm Walking On Sunshine, Oh Yeah!
I'm Walking On Sunshine, Woooohoooo!
And does it Feel Good, (Hey) (All right now)
And does it Feel Good, Yeah!!

I do have a bit of water retention in my hands today and tingling in my fingers. It is almost like they were asleep and they are trying to wake up. Nothing I can't deal with but I want to make sure I write down in detail what I am going through so I will remember. I didn't have the swelling with the AC. My feet are still cracked and the corners of my mouth is cracked. Just the Chemo trying to get out. I have been really trying to put as much lotion on everything as I can.

I'll update this blog if I have any other changes before my next Chemo on Friday.


Patti Pribyl said...

Lori - my thoughts are with you. I was diagnosed with my first cancer when my youngest one was 6 wks old. 5 more cancers, (not related to each other). My last cancer was diagnosed as HER2 breast cancer. 15 series of chemo (including Herceptin) & am now cancer free again. My youngest is now 41 yrs old. I am blessed to survive all these cancers & you can too. Many hugs to you----Patti

Lori said...


You bring me a lot of hope. You are so strong to have gone through this so many time.

You are very blessed. Did you have a reation to the Herciptin? I would love to know.