Monday, August 25, 2008

The Monday After my 3rd Taxol Treatment

I feel really good this morning. I really do think the reason I have been feeling so bad had a lot to do with my bodies reaction to the Benadryl they had to give me. I felt really good all weekend.

Maybe this won't be so bad.

Only 9 treatments to go!


Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD who is carrying my baby girl through all of this.
You are loved and YES this will all soon be behind you so you can SHOUT GOD IS SO GOOD! Yes I know you are already doing just that it will just be a Bigger Shout!
I Love You Praying for you always!


Lori said...

Hey Mom,

I have been feeling pretty much back to normal today. Please don't worry. I promise if I need you I'll call.

Love Ya,


Jan Parrish said...

Chemo will do weird things to your body. You will have odd pains and what not. It's normal with Chemo.