Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st, 2008

I made it through another day. I do have to say, the Monday after Chemo is my hardest day. The three days after Chemo, I am on Emend and Steroids so I'm pretty hyper. Monday I feel as if I can't think clearly. I washed my cell-phone with my work-out clothes because I forgot I had put it in my pocket. I spend the rest of the Morning with the blow-dryer trying to revive the darned thing. I can't believe it but it worked last night after I got home from singing practice. YEA!!!!

I don't have anymore hair loss this morning. I did nightmare all last night that I woke up and all my hair was laying on my pillow. I'm sorry but this is very hard. I'm making it through but it is darned hard.

I feel pretty good this morning. Last night I was able to eat some rice. My stomach did hurt afterwards but my stomach is feeling o.k. this morning.

I just have to make it through 4 1/2 more months. I can do it!

I pray after this is all said and done that the cancer is gone for good. That I will be able to live a normal life and be able to see my baby graduate from High School.


Kristy said...

Oh sweet friend.
I know I keep telling you that I'm praying for you - and I am. I pray that your heart will find peace, that your mind will be able to rest......
Sorry I haven't been around much, 'summer blogging' isn't a huge priority for me.........but I think/pray/and check on you often!!!
Blessings ~

Lori said...


Thank you so much! I feel badly for blogging about everything I'm going through right now but my daughter-in-law thought it would be a good idea to have a written journal of how I am feeling. I pray no one else has to go through this but if they do I pray this journal helps some.

Please don't worry about how often you visit me. I know you are praying and that means the world to me. You take care of your beautiful family and enjoy them this summer. You are a great Mom!

Love ya,