Saturday, June 28, 2008

Second Chemo

Lord, it belongs not to my care whether I die or live; To love and serve Thee is my share, and this Thy grace must give.

If life be long, I will be glad, that I may long obey; If short-then why should I be sad to soar to endless day?

I'm feeling o.k. after my second Chemo. I had just about an hour of a really bad stomach last night. Vomited a few times and I was then good to go. I'm on steroid so it is keeping me pretty hyper. Our lawn takes about 1 1/2 hours to mow so with all of my extra energy I mowed it last night. Hubby told me to leave it for him and the boy's but I needed to release some energy. Bo and I went to the church and cleaned the Chapel building last night too. There is a baby shower there today.

They almost didn't let me have the Chemo yesterday. I lost 11 pounds since my last chemo two weeks ago. They said that was to much weight to lose. I needed to keep it between five percent. I'm eating so I don't know really what else to do. I really can't eat much that first week with vomiting. The second week I eat as much as I can.

Another reason they almost didn't let me take Chemo is my WBC and PMN numbers are very low. WBC was 3.2 it is suppose to be between 4.0 and 10 and my pmn number was 1.4 it is suppose to be between 1.7 and 7.6. I've been drinking all the herbal things I can get my hands on. I've been eating the dark leafty salads plus lots of veggies. They said, I had to be very careful to not be around anyone that is sick.

My husband has to give me Neupogen shots; this is suppose to raise my WBC. He has to give it to me, starting the third day after Chemo for six days. I'm just wondering if I can get one everyday up until my next Chemo? I'm going to call my Oncologist on Monday and ask.

I'm going to try and write in this little journal everyday so I can remember how I felt and any updates I get on my health.

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Jim said...

Hi Lori -- Like I said, we are on the road. I know you checked in on my but I don't get around to reading hardly any. Mostly the ones who check in.

I think you are one brave and hard working lady! I will follow your progress here and keep on praying.