Friday, January 23, 2009

I feel lucky to be Alive!

I have been trying to come up with something to write in a book they place out in the patient radiation area to be written in, on your last day of treatments. Something that will encourage other patients.

As I sit back and think about how all of this began over a year ago, I just can't believe that it is almost over. Oh, don't get me wrong, I will still be on hormonal treatments for the rest of my life and I have a lot of testing that will still have to be run over the next five years but the surgeries, Chemo, and Radiation treatments are almost done.

My life has changed so much! I know longer take my life for grated. A man (Barry Crandall) that used to be our Assistant Pastor would always say these words. "I am just happy to have air". I now know what he means. I no longer take things "like air" for grated.

This statement has been said to me or about my illness over and over again. "None of us know if we walk out the door today that it won't be our last". This statement is very true and I've used it many times myself but when you are going through cancer treatments, or any trial, things are much clearer, it hits much closer to home! I'm not going to live forever and I do have a life threatening disease. I'll be honest, if you haven't been through it, you really don't know how scary it is. When I write my departing comments in that book, I want it to be from my heart. How I got through each day of treatments and didn't lose my faith in God. I want to write how important it is to stay around positive uplifting people. People that really care about how you must be feeling.

I still have a few days and many hours to think about this. I feel so blessed to be alive and have another chance at living, breathing and being thankful for everything I have.

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e-Mom said...

I hope you post your parting comments here too. Lori, you are SO positive... I do appreciate your attitude so much. :~D